Why should I Pre-Order with Orbit?

You are the main character in our story, and we will make the moment right for you every time. We are a professional and authorized retailer, and our mission is to make collecting easy for you. Here are the benefits of pre-ordering with us:

  • Premium Protection - All “Pre-Order” Funko Pops ship in 0.5 mm premium protective cases.
  • Premium Shipping - All orders are packed with bubble wrap and new sturdy boxes.
  • Mint Condition Only - Unless otherwise specified, inventory is shipped in collector-grade condition.
  • Prompt Customer Service - Easy cancellations and friendly customer service.

What is a Pre-Order?

“Pre-Order” items are newly or previously announced items by their manufacturer. You can pre-order to secure your favorite collectibles. “Pre-Order” items are not immediately available in stock and have individual estimated release dates. The release dates are controlled by manufacturers, and we keep you up to date by providing estimated arrival dates. When items are released and we physically receive them, they are immediately processed and shipped to you.

Why should I pre-order?

Pre-Orders are your virtual spot at the front of the line when items are released. We absolutely recommend the process of pre-ordering items, because it is your best chance of getting an item. We fill orders on a first-come, first-served basis (some exceptions may apply). 

All items are available in limited quantities. If you order an item when it is first available on our website, you are far more likely to receive it than if you order the same item later. If you wait to place your order, you might never get it at all because it may not ever come in stock. Items may be pre-sold out if every single item we are receiving is purchased by fellow collectors.

Can’t I just buy my collectible when they release more?

Collectibles are made in limited quantities creating a special market of cost and demand. Once a collectible has dropped, only a limited amount of these collectibles will be distributed, so there is no guaranteed way you will get your hands on the collectible you are looking for, but with a pre-order, you have a solid chance of getting in line before an item sells out. 

How long after my item is released will I get my Pre-Order?

You can get the most updated information on our “Pre-Order Availability Dates” page. The dates listed are estimated and are completely out of our control and may be subject to change. The dates are provided on a good faith basis by our vendors when they plan to ship items from their warehouse to us. These dates are updated weekly to reflect any changes from our vendors.

How accurate is the turnaround time for my Pre-Order?

At times delays may happen, due to cost and demand, shipping, quality and control, and other factors that are beyond our control.

Please be aware that manufacturers don’t provide all retailers with products equally.

If you see an item at big box stores or sitting on shelves at other retailers in most cases, you will be receiving your pre-order soon.

Cancellations and Refunds for Pre-Orders

Enjoy a stress-free, no questions asked 100% full refund if you cancel your Pre-Order within 15 days of your order if the item is not yet available to us or has shipped to you. The refund will be sent to the original form of payment.

After this time, you can receive a full refund in the form of store credit or a partial refund after a 25% cancellation fee has been processed.

Our main goal here at Orbit is customer satisfaction. If for whatever reason we can NOT fulfill any pre-order purchases, we will provide you with a full refund in your original form of payment.

What about the condition of pre-orders?

Because we accept orders for items well in advance of their release, we cannot predict the condition in which they will arrive. If the condition is not what we consider collector grade when it gets to us, we'll contact you if your order is affected and offer a resolution if needed.

You can always contact us about the condition of any item. In addition, we promise that the item we send to you (unless otherwise noted) is in the best condition possible. We choose the absolute best product from our inventory to ship to you.